Castor && Pollux

In early 2019 I was invited to participate in Heidelberger Fruehling (eng. Heidelberg’s spring festival), on the project Castor && Pollux. I had to perform the whole range of the technical support tasks starting with the supporting installation of the 4DSOUND system to the Great Hall of Heidelberg University, being a technical support engineer, field coder and FOH engineer.

I had to be always present on all the rehearsals, monitoring and adjusting the system’s infrastructure. On top of that, I had to develop several application for the interactive part of the performance that incorporated the use of the position tracking system POZYX and motion tracking system Neuron Perception. The applications were written in multiple languages on multiple platforms: the raspberry pi server with python, macOS in unity, in Max MSP and Max for Live in Ableton Live.

Worked with an amazing team lead by Lukas Rehm, Lisa Charlotte Friederich, Jim Igor Kallenberg, 6 astounding lead singers, baroque orchestra conducted by Barbara Konrad, and the production crew.