In mid 2018 I was requested to adapt POZYX UWB position tracking system (Creators Kit) as an external interface for the 4DSOUND system.

Original it started as a continuation of work made by Spatial Sound Institue’s artist in residency Vanessa Li. After her successful residency I had to make the system inclusive for any upcoming project as well. I introduced the Raspberry Pi server / OSC bridge that was able to track 4 position tracking tags and transform their position in XYZ axis to any desired OSC message compatible with the 4DSOUND system. At the same time, I had to find the power sources for the tags, design cases and 3D print them on my own 3D printer.

The position tracking system was used in projects like Castor && Pollux, for several Demo’s of the 4DSOND system in the Spatial Sound Institute and a copy of the system was sent to MONOM.