Spatial Sound Institute

In mid 2018 I had a traineeship for technical support for the 4DSOUND system, now in the Spatial Sound Institute - a research and development centre for spatial sound technologies and practices based in Budapest.

During this time I was a bridge between technology and resident artists. The position was supposed to cover whole spectre of technical support responsibilities starting from very basic hammering and cabling, soldering, routing, coding, technical evaluation and even philosophical discussions. At the end of their residences, some artists were having open sessions to show their result.

In addition, Spatial Sound Institute was organising open house events in collaboration with the Art Quarter Budapest. In such events, for instance Fervere  Festival (2018), the Spatial Sound Institute held Sound Exhibitions of archival pieces created for the 4DSOUND system and the audience was allowed to visit it freely. My task was to help in preparation for such events and make sure that they are running smoothly.