Mister Pigeon

As a part of collaboration between Slovenian Academy of Film and Television and School of Audio Engineering I was invited as a field recording engineer for the student short documentary Gospod Golob (eng. Mister Pigeon).

The plot of the documentary was based on the real life of the pigeon keeper Drago Habjan. The movie director was Jure Dostal. Under his management and direction I had to record in the most unusual places such as the pigeon house, graveyard and sticking out of the window of the moving car.


The movie has been presented on several festivals including:
International Student Film Festival PeterKiT (2016, prijavljeno);
 19. Festival slovenskega filma (2016, sprejeto v tekmovalni program);
 Skomrahi 2016 (2016, posebna projekcija);
23. Sarajevo Film Festival (2017, zavrnjeno);
 64. Pula Film Festival (2017, zavrnjeno);
 Nagrada Združenja filmskih snemalcev Slovenije - IRIS 2016 (2017, zavrnjeno);
 Do-ku-ku - kratki dokumentarni filmi AGRFT v Kinoteki (2017, posebna projekcija);
 Batroun Mediterranean Film Festival (BMFF) (2017, sprejeto v tekmovalni program);
 Ziferblat - AGRFT filmski večeri (19. 3. 2017) (2017, posebna projekcija);